House levelling

House levelling

The Nivo team specializes in house straightening using hydraulic piles. We pride ourselves on providing fast, quality service! As industry leaders, our unique hydraulic piling process ensures your home's stability for years to come. Trust our team to straighten and stabilize your home efficiently and sustainably.

House levelling
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House foundation levelling

At Nivo, we understand the importance of having a perfectly straight and level house. That's why we offer our professional house foundation levelling services using high-quality hydraulic piles.

With our specialized expertise in foundation straightening, we can restore your house’s level with unparalleled precision and efficiency. You can have complete trust in our team of experts, who are committed to ensuring the strength and stability of your property.

‍What are the signs of foundation settling?

Here are the signs that foundation levelling may be necessary:

  • Doors and windows that are blocked or misaligned
  • Uneven floors
  • Presence of cracks on exterior walls or foundation
  • Water infiltration

It is essential to understand the causes of these problems, including unstable or settling foundations. By acting promptly, you can prevent future damage and ensure the stability and durability of your house.

Why choose Nivo?

  • Experience and expertise: With over 20 years of experience in foundation stabilization, levelling, and replacement, we have solid and proven know-how.
  • Patented technology: We use patented hydraulic steel piles, ensuring a solid and durable foundation for your building.
  • Professional project management: We prioritize meticulous planning, efficient coordination, and attentive monitoring at every project stage.
  • Specialized expertise: Our solutions are personalized and tailored to your needs, as we understand that every situation is unique.
  • Sustainable results: We are committed to delivering superior and long-lasting results, ensuring the strength and stability of your property.
  • Personalized evaluation: We accurately evaluate your foundation needs, allowing us to offer the best solutions for your project.
  • High standards: We adhere to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing high-quality work.
  • Attention to detail: Each project is executed meticulously, ensuring an impeccable final outcome.
  • On-site engineer: A qualified engineer accompanies your project from start to finish, bringing expertise and ensuring its successful execution. He is present on-site during the day of levelling.
  • Precision equipment: We use precision cylinders and trucks with levels to achieve exceptional results.

Our experts are available in Quebec and Ontario.

Contact us now for a free evaluation and discover how Nivo can assist you in straightening the foundations of your building.

Trust our expertise to ensure the strength and durability of your property.

Our foundation levelling method

Here are the different steps for levelling a house

  1. Evaluation and planning: A specialized engineer assesses the condition of your foundations and establishes the necessary plans for levelling the house.
  2. Pile installation: Hydraulic steel piles are driven into the ground strategically, using precise hydraulic systems to ensure controlled straightening operation.
  3. Stabilization and straightening: The piles serve as deep foundations for your house, permanently supporting the weight of the foundation. They are driven until they reach the bedrock or refusal, ensuring a solid and stable base.
  4. Use of a hydraulic system: A high-precision hydraulic system is installed on the piles to enable precise and controlled straightening of the foundation. This step guarantees the levelling of the building according to the engineer's directives.
  5. Control and adjustments: During the straightening process, an engineer is always on-site, and the team of experts closely monitors and makes necessary adjustments to ensure perfect levelling.
  6. Stability and durability: Once the levelling is completed, the foundations of your house are stabilized, providing a solid, waterproof, and resistant base against soil movements.

The hydraulic pile levelling method does not cause vibrations or shock waves that could damage surrounding buildings or structures.

Trust our foundation levelling expertise to ensure your property's strength, stability, and durability.

Contact us today for a free evaluation and discover how Nivo can help you straighten the foundations of your house.


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