French drain repair

French drain repair

The Nivo team excels in French drain installation, providing tailor-made solutions to protect your foundation from moisture. We pride ourselves on offering fast, high-quality service, positioning us as leaders in the field. Thanks to our expertise in French drains, we can guarantee that water will be kept away from your foundation, ensuring its durability and stability for many years to come.

French drain repair
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French drain repair and replacement

At Nivo, we understand the vital importance of keeping your home's foundation dry and protected. That's why we offer customized French drain solutions, using advanced techniques and top-quality materials.

Our specialized French drain installation services provide optimum protection against moisture and water infiltration, preserving the integrity of your property.

What are the signs that you should have your French drains inspected?

Here are the signs that your French drains are probably defective:

  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Wet concrete floor
  • Appearance of whitish crystals on concrete basement walls
  • Mold on basement walls
  • Water seepage in basement

These symptoms often indicate drainage problems around your home, which can lead to serious long-term damage.

Why choose Nivo?

  • Proven expertise: Over 20 years' experience in foundation protection.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Use of innovative materials and techniques for maximum efficiency.
  • Rigorous project management: precise monitoring and coordination of every stage, from assessment to completion.
  • Customized solutions: A personalized approach to meet the unique needs of each property.
  • Guaranteed durability: Commitment to reliable, long-lasting results.
  • Detailed assessment: Precise diagnosis to identify the best drainage strategy.
  • Standards compliance: Strict adherence to industry standards for uncompromising quality.

Our specialists are available throughout Quebec and Ontario to offer you customized drainage solutions.

Contact Nivo today for a free evaluation and find out how our French drain services can strengthen and protect your building's foundation.

Entrust the safety and longevity of your property to our recognized expertise.

French drain installation process

Here's how to install a French drain:

  1. Site assessment: A thorough assessment of your property's perimeter is carried out to identify specific drainage requirements.
  2. ‍Excavation: A trench is dug around the perimeter of the foundation.‍
  3. ‍Crack repair: The foundation is high-pressure washed and any cracks are repaired by injecting polyurethane resin.‍
  4. Membrane installation: membranes are installed on the foundation wall to waterproof it.‍
  5. Installation of perforated pipes: Installation of perforated pipes at the bottom of the trench.‍
  6. Installation of access stacks: Drain access stacks are installed to facilitate maintenance and extend the life of the drain.‍
  7. Adding gravel: The trench is filled with gravel, around and above the pipes. The gravel serves to filter and prevent blockage of the pipes by soil particles, while allowing water to seep quickly into the pipe.‍
  8. Installation of geotextile fabric: The gravel is covered with a geotextile membrane. This fabric prevents soil from entering the gravel while allowing water to pass through, helping to maintain the efficiency of the drainage system.‍
  9. Backfilling the trench: Once the pipe is in place and the gravel covered with geotextile fabric, the trench is backfilled with the excavated soil. In some cases, an additional layer of gravel can be added on top of the fabric before backfilling for added protection.‍
  10. Drainage connection: The French drain must be properly connected to a drainage system, such as a discharge well, storm sewer, or a safe place where water can be directed without causing problems.

Trust Nivo to protect your home

Our experts are ready to intervene anywhere in Quebec and Ontario to offer customized French drain solutions. Don't let moisture threaten your home.

Contact Nivo today for a free assessment and to find out how we can secure your property's foundation.

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