Foundation stabilization

Foundation stabilization

Nivo is proud to offer foundation stabilization services. Our team of experts is here to provide you with precise, efficient work of unparalleled stability, guaranteeing a solid foundation for your building.

Foundation stabilization
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Stabilization of house foundations

At Nivo, we understand the importance of having solid foundations to guarantee the stability and durability of your building.

That's why we offer professional foundation stabilization services using high-quality hydraulic piles. Trust our expertise to get peace of mind and strengthen your property.

What are the warning signs?

The signs indicating the need for foundation stabilization are the same signs indicating potential house foundation settling:

  • Doors and windows sticking
  • Uneven floors
  • Presence of cracks on exterior walls or foundation
  • Water infiltration

Why choose Nivo?

  • Experience and expertise: Over 20 years of experience in foundation stabilization, levelling, and replacement.
  • Patented technology: Patented hydraulic piles for a solid and durable foundation.
  • Professional project management: Meticulous planning, efficient coordination, and attentive follow-up.
  • Specialized expertise: Customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Sustainable results: Commitment to superior and long-lasting results.
  • Personalized assessment: Get an accurate evaluation of your foundation needs.
  • High standards: Adherence to the highest industry standards.
  • Meticulous attention to detail: Meticulous execution of each project.

Our expert teams are available in Quebec and Ontario.

Contact us now for a free evaluation and discover how Nivo can help stabilize the foundations of your building.
Trust our expertise to ensure the strength and durability of your property.

Stabilization techniques

The most common stabilization technique is installing piles at the base of foundation walls. This technique requires excavation all around the building.

The technique can be total or partial, meaning piles can be installed on the entire foundation or only on a portion.

The piles stabilize the structure and prevent further settling.‍

At Nivo, we only use hydraulic piles.

  1. A clamp is installed in an opening in the foundation.
  2. A steel post is driven into the ground, passing through this shoe. The driving is done using a powerful hydraulic system.
  3. The piles are inserted until they reach the bedrock.
  4. Everything is then securely bolted. This technique does not cause any vibrations.

It is also possible to stabilize foundations from the inside. This technique is used when external piling is too complicated. The operation is less expensive as there is no excavation required. However, it will not be possible to waterproof the foundations.

‍Interior piling may be preferred if :

  • The basement is unfinished
  • Exterior landscaping is costly
  • Space is limited for machinery
  • The exterior wall faces a public area, such as a sidewalk or alley.
  • There is a party wall
  • The foundation footing encroaches on neighbouring property

Be careful!

Screw piles are another type of very popular pile. While screw piles are ideal for lightweight structures such as wooden balconies, sheds, patios, and spas, they should never be used for heavier structures like houses and concrete balconies.

Indeed, screw piles have a bearing capacity of only 6500 lb, and this capacity decreases when the soil moves due to erosion or during droughts.

The Nivo team has the expertise and equipment to perform stabilization work on your foundation. We use hydraulic piles to minimize vibrations to your house and surrounding buildings.

Contact us for an evaluation of the nature of the work to be carried out and a free cost estimate.


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